Friday, June 09, 2006

Like, HELLO?


20six? How very dare they. After a year's worth of dedicated blogging (ok, not dedicated) 20six decided that NAY! THOU SHALT BLOG NO FURTHER! All very Book of Job, really. Brilliantly they've encrypted - yes encrypted - our (and everybody else's) site with a completely random password! Absolute bastardos.

So we're moving isn't it. If you'd like to have a go at unlocking the site you can find it at Let me know if you get anywhere!

Col, perchance you would like to reminisce on times past? All I can remember is Alan Wicker and the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Be warned tho - if I catch sight of you using any font that isn't Verdana size "Small" I will kill you.


Much love,



mikehaydock said...

hello david and collier. very nice. this is a better looking blog. those scummers! you can unlock your 20six, by going to some menu somewhere, scrolling down a bit onto some strange box somewhere down the page, removing it and then clicking some confirm button at the bottom that's no doubt written in German or Dutch or some strange language like that... If you do ONE thing today, download the second Adam and Joe podcast!!

Col and/or Dave said...

Thanks Mike, Col told me she wants to touch your special.