Monday, February 26, 2007

Sunday Photo Club


Check out my new flickr photostream, isn't it.


Sunday, February 18, 2007

Smack My Stitch Up

Oh my God I am actually knackered. Probably because I've been knitting like a bitch.

Yes, knitting.

Introduced to me by my housemate, my new friend knitting has completely revolutionized my life! Well not actually revolutionized it, but certainly made it more woolly. There's something about it that's so absorbing I'm not really sure how to convince those of you that aren't
78+ / from my mum's side of the family that it really is fun. And I mean really fun here guys, not like giddy dancing based fun, more like proper all out vodka dancing with a beautiful man at a live ABBA concert fun. Knitting Fun.

And then, last night, I discovered the world of intarsia, which is like having Knitting Fun, but only with two balls of yarn at the same time. I totally channeled my Grandmother. Check it out:

LOOK THERE ARE TWO DIFFERENT COLOURS IN THE SAME PIECE OF KNITTING! I'm not being funny here, but come on, how can this be anything apart the best thing in the world ever.

I've already made a scarf for my sister's birthday and frankly I am shit hot at this shit, bitches. (Less so with the channeling of my Grandmother just then.)

Right, I'm off to master rib stitch, and then get some fairisle on the go. Be afraid, be very afraid!


Saturday, February 03, 2007


Gosh I was drunk. Now I'm hideously hungover. Brillo!

Here's another picture:

Isn't it just so spinny tho?

It's just that I'm a little bit drunk. On two things: actual alcohol and also love for my new and very special laptop, demonstrated in picture format below. After weighing up the options (ie buying a MacBook and not buying a MacBook) I decided that the only way of actually resolving the situation was to, in fact, buy a MacBook and see what happened.

This is what happened:

  1. I go to the Apple shop and have a look at the MacBooks. You can touch them and you don't to pay anything!
  2. I ask the shop assistant man (Hong) about buying one and if I can customise one in-store.
  3. I find out that customising one in-store costs actually twice the amount online research would lead you expect.
  4. I buy an uncustomised 2GHz, 80GB HD, shiny white MacBook in-store.
  5. I come home. I unwrap the MacBook in a slow, clam, inimitable mood of joy.
  6. I use the MacBook to sort my photos, my music, my documents and my PLOT into some sort of order.
And that's pretty much it. Also I am drunk and might be a bit in love with a boy, but let us not talk about that since it'll probably lead to nowhere, yes?

Night all, a more sober blog to follow soon.