Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crazy Elevator Lady, Episodes 1 & 2

Episode One
Interior. Dave is in a lift heading to the fourth floor, where he works.

Elevator: *Ping* "Fourth floor."

Crazy Elevator Lady: [Waiting on the fourth floor.] "THIS IS THE FOURTH FLOOR!?"

Dave: [Scared.] "Er...yes. I work here?"

Crazy Elevator Lady: *disbelieving scowl*

Episode Two
Interior. Dave is waiting by the lifts, Crazy Elevator Lady is standing next to him. Approx 2 minutes pass in silence.

Crazy Elevator Lady: "HI!"

Dave: "Er...hello."

Wow, she is weird!

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mikehaydock said...

oooh, she sounds BRILLIANT! invite her round for tea.