Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Blog a Day

Yes that's right my specials - November is NOT ONLY home to Bonfire Night, it is ALSO National Blog Posting Month. NaBloPoMo for short.

Or, if you're me, NaBloPoMoFo, because I'm urban like that.

The idea is that each participant posts once a day for the whole month of November, motivated by the potential to win mugs, t-shirts and the adoration of thousands.

Or, if you're me, a shallow attempt to actually make myself blog more than once per ever, which must surely be my current average.

For those of you that don't blog, you can join in too by delurking, ie leaving a comment once a day (on more than one blog if you're feeling giddy).

Anyway, do join in. YES?

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oh my god. Shoes.

or: Waiting for Col

Yes - that's right! I'm waiting for Col. IN AN INTERNET CAFE. Becasue I can. It's very exciting - all this internet for only £1, gosh. Anyway her train has been cancelled and they're sending her in a taxi, which is rather lavish I think.

So feeling rather inhibited and paranoid that everyone is reading what I write (which is ironic seeing as I'M POSTING ON THE INTERNET), I am reduced to a series of things that have really made me laugh recently. Here you go:

Tea Partay

Oh my God. Shoes.

CSI New York


Right Col's here now so I'd best off (and with 34 minutes left too!).