Thursday, June 15, 2006


Poor Col has, for some reason, saved up a whole year's worth of work to do in two days. She's so crazy! Or, you know, retarded. Anyway, in her honour I have composed a haiku:

Sixteen thousand words
One year's work before Friday
Then there will be Pimm's


mikehaydock said...

mmmmm Pimm's... David, I hope you enjoyed the England match last night. I'm sure, like me, you were concerned by our inability to gel in the midfield, and that when Eriksson made tactical substitutions on the flanks, suddenly we looked more threatening.

Col and/or Dave said...

Oh yes absolutely.

Actually Mike, to be honest I didn't watch the match because I was getting my hair cut in a SALON because I am big HOMO. Altho amazingly it was being shown there too, along with EVERYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD.