Monday, May 07, 2007


Things I learned:

  1. No matter how much you've eaten, there's always room for a $2 hotdog.
  2. How to work out 20% of any bill really quickly.
  3. Americans tip too much.
  4. I want to work for the UN.
  5. I want to be in a Broadway musical.
  6. My little camera is in fact a bit shit.
  7. Hailing a yellow taxi DOES make you feel like you're in a film.
  8. I can go a week without knitting and not die or kill people.
  9. I'm not very good at spending every day with the same person for more than two days.
  10. Shopping for musical scores whilst drunk at half one in the morning is a legitimate and enjoyable holiday activity.
  11. In America: bread = brioche.
  12. Long haul makes my ankles swell.
  13. Queuing's shit.
More photos to follow.


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Tillie said...

Good for people to know.