Saturday, February 03, 2007

Isn't it just so spinny tho?

It's just that I'm a little bit drunk. On two things: actual alcohol and also love for my new and very special laptop, demonstrated in picture format below. After weighing up the options (ie buying a MacBook and not buying a MacBook) I decided that the only way of actually resolving the situation was to, in fact, buy a MacBook and see what happened.

This is what happened:

  1. I go to the Apple shop and have a look at the MacBooks. You can touch them and you don't to pay anything!
  2. I ask the shop assistant man (Hong) about buying one and if I can customise one in-store.
  3. I find out that customising one in-store costs actually twice the amount online research would lead you expect.
  4. I buy an uncustomised 2GHz, 80GB HD, shiny white MacBook in-store.
  5. I come home. I unwrap the MacBook in a slow, clam, inimitable mood of joy.
  6. I use the MacBook to sort my photos, my music, my documents and my PLOT into some sort of order.
And that's pretty much it. Also I am drunk and might be a bit in love with a boy, but let us not talk about that since it'll probably lead to nowhere, yes?

Night all, a more sober blog to follow soon.


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